2 Versions of New Original Song Additions to Susan BB’s 8th Album – Part 1 – Flyin On to Support NFCR: “Live The Vibe (Love Me So)” + “Flyin Free Form”

“Live The Vibe (Love Me So)” from Flyin On – Part 1 Susan’s 8th Album For NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research) on Bandcamp.

Credits: Original backing track mixed by Zach Mccraw, lyrics, vocals, mixing and mastering by Susan BoYoung Bailey Schabacker

Cosmic Preview of “Live The Vibe (Love Me So)”

Enjoyed mixing this electronic song and it’s interesting to compare the original backing track that’s so minimalist with abstract vocals (mixed by Zachary) with this one with additional vocals.

Listen here to the original abstract instrumental first version, “Flyin Free Form” with my minimal vocals mixed and mastered by Zach.

More songs coming soon, so please stay tuned and in the loop here on my music blog site and also on my Facebook music page @SBBSMusic

Thanks always for your support + encouragement for my musical mission.

Susan BoYoung Bailey Schabacker

Fantastic Show @ Fiddlin Fish (on Trade St. in WS, NC) + LIVE Footage (by Richard Phillips)

My Swedish American friend and musician, Garfield Brownson (aka Ben Brunnson), I perform a lot with and I enjoyed performing at Fiddlin Fish on Trade St. this summer. This was the first time I performed with a soprano ukulele and electric guitar (37th birthday present) with vocals of originals and covers (some with distortion) with Garfield on bass and sharing some Rolling Stones covers.

We added in more 90s alternative rock covers to this set for this show and a new release, “Together In Spirit” in dedication for those who’ve struggled and suffered through COVID. You’ll find both the rock version and acoustic version here on my Bandcamp in my 5th album of original world music, BTV: Beyond the Virus to support COVID aid + relief.

“Dreams” – The Cranberries “Iris” – The Goo Goo Dolls

“Cornflake (Dot Dot Dot)” – Susan BoYoung Bailey

“All You Wanted” – Michelle Branch

“Avoid Coronavirus” – Susan BB Schabacker

“Glycerine” – Bush

“Together in Spirit” – Susan BB Schabacker

“Let Us Unite” – Susan BB Schabacker

“Raise The Bar” – Susan BoYoung Bailey

“Sweep Me Into Love” – Susan BoYoung Bailey

“Make You Feel My Love” – Bob Dylan (popularized also by Adele)

“Your Turn” – Susan BoYoung Bailey

“Under The Bridge” – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (abbreviated version)

“Red Flags White Flag” – Susan BB Schabacker (7th album, Growing Seeds in Mama’s Garden of Love)

Enjoyed backing Garfield Brownson (on guitar with vocals performing Rolling Stones’ cover songs) with percussion, including a special cajon (originally from Thailand + locally from Salem Music), hihat (with rods from Love That Music in Kernersville), and tambourine.

“Angie” – The Rolling Stones

“Not Fade Away” – The Rolling Stones

“Paint it Black” – The Rolling Stones

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – The Rolling Stones

“Gimme Shelter” – The Rolling Stones

Thanks to everyone for support and encouragement and please stay in the loop with more music + musical mission updates on my music blog site and Facebook music page. Special thanks to Richard Phillips for the still and vid footage (seen above and below) and all our friends who came out to the show.

Susan BB’s 8th Album Flyin On to Support NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research) Flys on Extending Through 2022

With the recent passing of a strong prayer warrior friend and mother of two, who I dedicated a song to on my 7th album, Growing Seeds in Mama’s Garden of Love, (to support Salem Pregnancy) due to cancer that we will continue combatting together, I continue on. I also have another beloved friend and mentor who has shaped my spiritual journey who’s suffering from cancer. And, Gary Maverick’s beautiful wife, Debbie, is no longer with us (but in a better place) and I’m in the process of working on a special tribute song dedicated to her. 

Thankfully, there’s some good news to share about The Gary Maverick Band that I’ll relay to you later about the possibility of joining their band. BTW – they are currently in the search for a full-time lead guitarist to perform (and record with), so please message or email Gary if you’re interested. And when they fill the role of guitarist, they’ll consider adding another member of the band (namely and gratefully, me). Artimus Pyle (Lynard Skynard and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer) is still the eldest member and if I join their band, I’ll be the second youngest. 

But, back to my 8th album (Flyin On) in support of the NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research), which currently has 2 parts to categorize the different genres/styles. 

Flyin On (Susan BB’s 8th Album For NFCR)

Part 1: electronic/hip hop/rap 

Flyin On (Susan BB’s 8th Album For NFCR)

Part 2: pop rock/alternative rock/folk rock/blues rock

Hopefully you’re used to me being fashionably late, but I choose to view time a little differently and use it to our advantage. I agree there are times when release dates should be strictly adhered to, but in this particular case, it will be beneficial to us all to extend this 8th album to the end of 2022 to wrap up with. I view it as a win/win. 

There are more opportunities for collaborations with musical talent, teaming up on creative contributions, more exposure for cancer awareness and research, and more support for the NFCR to back these humanitarian efforts. Special thanks to all our talented and heartfull collaborators and contributors, who’ve committed to making this possible. Here’s an article in FW (Forsyth Woman) that goes in depth with the creative songwriting and shaping process and an article here on combining creative forces to combat cancer in NFCR’s blog.

And, FYI : This won’t be my full-time job this summer, as I do also have other important projects I must also attend to, including my tea business (Tea-lation), writing, and etc., but this is still an important part of my musical mission. 

Also, still working out the planning and specific logistics, but I’m also excited about the ideal opportunity (and hopefully dream come true) to collaborate with New Brunswick singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer, Sharief Hobley, and do some recording at his studio in NJ. Not sure of the exact time frame yet or specifics, but look forward to keeping you posted. . .

Certainly not trying to name drop to brag in any way, but just give him credit for his work and share some of the established artists he’s worked with, including: Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Kanye, and Rufus Wainwright, to name a few.

More on his music career and musical background?

Here is an article about Sharief’s showmanship performing Jimi Hendrix and Prince songs, Makin Waves Male Artist of the Year article, and an article about his Prince tribute. Also, here is his discography on allmusic.com and music bio on soundbetter.com.

That’s all for now folks, but please stay in touch and in the loop on my Facebook music page @SBBSMusic and thanks always for your support and encouragement for my musical mission.

2nd Footnote Show Footage of Susan BB + Garfield B’s 3 Hour Acoustic Set

Enjoyed performing in the Footnote breezway by Foothills for our second show this May 6, 2022 a 3-hour acoustic set with my Swedish American bassist, who also played guitar for a few songs at the end. We are looking forward to being back here for our 3rd show in the fall, probably in September, so stay tuned here and on my music page on FB.(Social butterfly’s/songbird’s commentary introducing songs is included in the vid below).

Songs by Susan BB Schabacker Footnote Setlist:

Cornflake (Dot Dot Dot)” “All You Wanted” – Michelle Branch “Raise The Bar” “Sweep Me Into Love” “Make You Feel My Love” – Bob Dylan “Your Turn” “Blue Sky Through The Branches” “Photograph” – Ed Sheeran “One Thing You Said” “Let Us Unite” “Such Great Heights” – The Postal Service “For Us” “Opportunity Knocks” “When You Say Nothing At All” – Alison Krauss “Together in Spirit” “Someone Like You” – Adele “Reflections in Your Eyes” “Glimpses” “It’s Your Love” – Tim McGraw “Home in My Heart” “Broken Heart Bleed” “Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen “A Missing Link” “My Hearts Beating” “House of The Rising Sun” – The Animals

Special thanks to Richard for his photography and support.

LIVE 2nd Acoustic Show Duo in Footnote Coffee & Cocktails Breezeway Fri, May 6 (7 pm-10 pm)

Hope you’ll join us tonight, Fri eve from 7pm – 10 pm in the breezeway between Footnote Coffee & Cocktails and Foothills on W. Fourth St. downtown WS (Winston-Salem), NC. Here is the event invite on FB: https://fb.me/e/2ggcr4PDX Come enjoy some sips and songs and check out the handpainted merch of CD coasters and earrings handcrafted by Susan, along with digital download cards. Be sure to pick up a biz card and stay in touch!

My Swedish American bassist and forever friend will be sharing LIVE music of originals and covers in a 3 hour acoustic set with folk/americana/country/alternative rock genres. Here’s our set list for this eve:

Songs by Susan BB Schabacker Footnote Setlist

With Garfield Brownson on Bass + Guitar

“Cornflake (Dot Dot Dot)”

“All You Wanted” – Michelle Branch

“Raise The Bar” 

“Sweep Me Into Love” 

“Make You Feel My Love” – Bob Dylan

“Your Turn”

“Blue Sky Through The Branches” 

“Photograph” – Ed Sheeran

“One Thing You Said”

“Let Us Unite” 

“Such Great Heights” – The Postal Service 

“For Us”

“Opportunity Knocks” 

“When You Say Nothing At All” – Alison Krauss

“Together in Spirit”

“Someone Like You” – Adele

“Reflections in Your Eyes”


“It’s Your Love” – Tim McGraw

“Home in My Heart”

“Broken Heart Bleed”

“Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen

“A Missing Link”

“My Hearts Beating”

“House of The Rising Sun” – The Animals

I’m excited and grateful for the opportunities to perform this spring and summer. We are also looking forward to performing in our 3rd Down Home Festival at the Gary Maverick Farm on Saturday, May 14, and a more rockish full band show at Fiddlin Fish Brewery on Friday, June 17 from 7:30 pm – 10 pm. Here is the event invite on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/725662178397258

More updates on @SBBSMusic on Facebook and thanks always for your support and encouragement.

2nd Year Participating in HLAG (Hit Like A Girl) Global Female Drummer Competition

Finally got my Drumset submission in for my second year submitting to HLAG (Hit Like A Girl) Hit Like A Girl Contest global female drummer competition.

I’m drumming here to a collection of short and sweet sound clips from original songs I’ve created, mixed, and mastered. Special thanks to Richard Phillips for his videography in his green screen studio and I worked really hard on the vr (virtual reality) editing.

Public voting on HLAG is open now (one vote per day) through May 3rd at 11:59 pm pacific time and I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement. Here is my Drumset submission and Beatmaking submission of my original songs.

“I love getting into the music zone, going with the flow, and letting the melody take me on an exciting journey, like no other, that’s a creative process of spontaneous mindfulness. It allows for full freedom of creative and artistic expression that’s free form, without limits.

Drumming is essential to me, as the rhythms of life, giving each song an essential heartbeat that keeps it alive and in motion; vital and vibrant. Drums are an essential and precious part of my life I have truly benefited from, also an important form of music therapy, helping me heal and recover from ongoing traumas of a non-epileptic seizure disorder, past abuse, and mental illness diagnoses.”

Also, submitted my original song “Love Me Just The Same (feat. Lil Lim)” to the HLAG Beatmaking contest by Beats By Gurlz.

Susan B. B. Schabacker · Susan BB Schabacker – “Love Me Just The Same (feat. Lil Lim)” – (HLAG + BBG Contest)

Thanks always for your support + encouragement for my musical mission! Please stay in touch and subscribe to my music YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJZfalm9wwqltF3QpJRGQ_w

Happy St. Patricks Day! It’s “Time to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day” an Original Song by Susan BB Schabacker

Happy St. Patty’s Day, everyone! Hope you’ll take a listen and share this special St. Patty’s song via SoundCloud.

It’s time to celebrate with this original electronic song “Time to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day,” hopefully your call to action. Read the lyrics below on the many reasons to celebrate this Christian, Irish holiday!

“Time to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day” – Susan BB Schabacker

Hey I’m trying to be mean

But you will get pinched

If you’re not wearing green

I love shamrocking the shamrock

But that’s enough enough talk

It’s St. Patty’s Day

Hooray and yay

Time to celebrate and festively create

With sparkly green glitter

DIY arts and crafts

A pint or two of Guinness

An Irish tune that makes us dance

Perhaps we will get lucky

As a 4-leaf clover and meet a lepruchan

But not from a horror film

But a friendly fellow wearing green

Crossing the rainbow

Leading to a pot o gold

From Irish oatmeal with Irish butter

To Irish soda bread whatever Irish dishes

You’re enjoying I’m sure you’ll be well fed

And there’s always Irish breakfast

When you fancy a cuppa tea

But please just be sure

You don’t just make one for yourself

What about me one for you and one for me

On St. Pattys Day

We may party hard

But let’s remember

The true reason behind

Why the message of the Gospel

And the promise of true hope

The spread of God through Ireland

Is an important part

Just like this special song I wrote

It’s St. Patty’s Day

It’s time to celebrate

So why wait

Credits: Lyrics, vocals, drums, mixing, and mastering:

Susan BB Schabacker

Susan BB’s 8th Album Flyin On to Support NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research) is Flyin On With Part 2 in The Works

Committed to combatting cancer, while supporting cancer awareness and research with her musical mission, WS (Winston-Salem), NC based humanitarian singer/songwriter/musician, Susan BB Schabacker, is happy and honored to have released her 8th album this February 2022 (National Cancer Awareness month) to support the NFCR (National Foundation of Cancer Research).

Here is Flyin On – Part 1 (Susan’s 8th album to support the NFCR), first released on her Bandcamp and will be available later on many other music platforms. A fusion of genres/styles for part 1 include: electronic/hip hop/rap/pop/rock.

Part 2 of Flyin On is currently in the works and original songs will be added soon. A fusion of genres/styles for part 2 include: pop rock/alternative rock/blues rock. Here is a preview collection of some of the songs in Part 2.

Susan is working on mixing and mastering. Included as compilation contributions are “Flyin Hopes” by Artimus Pyle (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Lynard Skynard’s drummer) and “Dizzy Spells Revelation” by Amos Fisher (music therapist, UNCSA (University of NC School of the Arts) alumn and collaborator. 2 different versions of another original song by Amos titled “In There” that Susan sings on will be also be included, with the acoustic version as a single.

This is an ideal time to back an ideal charitable non-profit organization, committed to cultivating cancer awareness and enabling life-saving research. Please consider downloading and sharing this album, along with this blog post, as we team up to combat cancer. Thanks always for your support and encouragement along my musical mission.

Here’s more info about Susan’s cancer awareness and research commitment to support the NFCR in their blog: http://www.nfcr.org/blog/music-can-change-the-world-how-susan-b-schabacker-is-changing-the-world-with-music-2021/

Find out more about her musical mission with this special album and the creative thought process behind it in this article in FW (Forsyth Woman): http://www.forsythwoman.com/local-humanitarian-singer-songwriters-mission-minded-album-supports-nfcrs-cancer-awareness-and-research-for-cures/

Here, also included in this month’s Forsyth Family magazine, is an article Susan wrote about preventing and combatting cancer: https://www.forsythfamilymagazine.com/preventing-and-combatting-cancer/

Continuing the Valentine’s Celebration of Love With Love Love Love Songs By Susan (6th Album)

2021 – 2022+ Have a Heartful + Happy Holiday With Much Love and Bountiful Blessings!

It’s not just a concept represented by a heart symbol that’s been commercialized by a one-day holiday. Love is all we need, as the Beatles shared and , so on this special Valentine’s Day, may you experience and express true love; real love and feel it through and through.

However difficult your struggles or deep your suffering, love is the glue that sticks those broken pieces back together. Through love we experience freedom of being embraced and supported, respected and appreciated. Here is an acoustic phone recording sharing of my original song “Your Love Can Set Me Free” on my Bandcamp.

Hope you’ll enjoy listening to and downloading Love Love Love Songs by Susan, my 6th album, also available on Apple music, Spotify, and other online music platforms.

To Love is an early album of mine with more songs on my fav 4-letter word. Here is To Love, released in 2016, on Spotify and Apple music.

Find more music updates on my Facebook music page @SBBSMusic and thanks always for your support and encouragement.

Happy Valentine’s with LOVE from

Susan BB Schabacker, Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Humanitarian

Harvest of 3 More Original Songs on Growing Seeds in Mama’s Garden of Love (Susan’s 7th Album to Support Salem Pregnancy)

Growing Seeds in Mama’s Garden of Love, my 8th album, to support Salem Pregnancy has been an ongoing labor of love. Seeds of songs were initially planted in May, just in time for Mother’s Day and the final 3 original songs have been harvested.

“Hope For A Better Life (Salem Pregnancy Tribute)”

“Mama No Matter What You Go Through”

“Worthy Woman”

Special thanks to all our mom-to-bes and moms who this special album is dedicated to supporting and to the talented artists and musicians who shared their compilation contributions on this 7th album, including: Artimus Pyle (“Flyin’ Hopes), Celia Woodsmith (“Siciliy”), Mike Cosner and Michael Kenny (“My Little Piece of Heaven”), Sean Michael Kaye (“My Sweet Caroline”), The Gary Maverick Band (“When The Cold Wind Blows” and “Down Home”), and Pete Wernick (“Ruthie”).

Also, a special thanks to collaborator Jen Phipps (who co-wrote “Little Miracle of Brand New Life”), and who adopted a baby girl in May and is a proud musical mama, and former boyfriend and forever friend, TJ Volgare (St. Anthony & The Mystery Train) who wrote and dedicated “Rosewater Girl” as a birthday gift for me, another May baby. Another special ty to my loyal Swedish American bassist, Ben Brunnson (aka Garfield Brownson), Nadirah Muhammad, and Greater Vision summer camp kids for collaborating on “Mama’s Love is Deeper Than The Sea.”

My musical mission continues, as I turn my focus to releasing my 8th album to support cancer awareness and research for the NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research) this February (National Cancer Awareness month).

Learn more about this creative contribution to combat cancer here in this article on the NFCR blog. You’ll find a vid here of a variety of a collection of short and sweet sound clips and the song previews here on my Bandcamp.

Thanks always for your support and encouragement and please stay in the loop with more music updates on my Facebook music page.

Singer + Songwriter + Musician + Believer