BTV – Beyond The Virus Current Creative Collaborations From Over 25 Different Countries

So grateful to all our special, talented, and dedicated musical collaborators (over 60) from over 25 different countries – both locally on the home front + globally, worldwide. God has and is still bringing the right musical talent into place, piece by piece + song by song.

We even have some Grammy award winners + nominees on board with us to team up on recording my upcoming, 5th album BTV – Beyond The Virus. Extremely proud of each one of our creative collaborators and will be sharing more about their musical skills + talents when I share each individual song’s credits. So, please be on the look out and help support their music, too.

BTV – Beyond The Virus Musical Collaborators – Representing 25+ Different Countries From Around The World (From Austria to Zimbabwe)

(Last Updated on: September 21, 2020)

AUSTRIA: Hames Al Shoufi (Pianist), Michal Hudak (Violinist)

BELGIUM: Steve Louvat (Banjoist)

BRAZIL: Gustavo Baiao (Vocalist/Pianist), Fernando Souza (Guitarist)

CANADA: Katherine Moller (Fiddle), Shoshanna Godber (Harpist)

CHILE: Cesar Sotomayor (Violinist), Manu Valdebento (Drummer)

CONGO: Alliance Matondo (Trumpet Player)

DI AN: Cuongle Le Hung Cuong ĐẾN TỪ BÌNH DƯƠNG  (Saxophonist)

ECQUADOR: Silvio Ibujes Yar (Guitarist/Charango and Zaponas Player)

FRANCE: Yiqing Liu (Chinese Pipa Player), Pamphile Chambon (Accordionist), Fabi Escamilla (Violinist/Vocalist)

GUINEA: Mamadou (VO Actor)

INDIA: Prateek Chaudhuri (Sitar Player, Anuradha Pal (Tabla Player), Krishna – Pushkaraluva Kv (Keyboardist)

IRELAND: Michael McGoldrick (Irish Flute Player), Wiktoria Mrozowicz (Violinist)

ITALY: Marzia Pinna (English Horn and Oboe Player), Choppy Chiara (Drummer)

MALI: Diaki Lolo (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist)

MEXICO: Enrique Cabrera Meza (Guitarist)

NIGERIA: Festo C. Rebirth (Vocalist, Rapper)

PANAMA: Marco Linares (Guitarist)

POLAND: Dominika Olszewska Szczepanik (Violinist)

QUEBEC: Deny Bay (Singer/Songwriter/Producer)

SPAIN: Alejandro Yamu (Vocalist/Multi-Instrumentalist)

SWITZERLAND: Manuel Leuenberger (Marimba Player)

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Mahlia Thomas (Pannist)

UGANDA: Jeffrey Kasigwa (Vocalist), Balikudembegeo George (Multi-instrumentalist)

UK: John McShane (Bagpipes Player), Teng Chen (Traditional Chinese Instrument Player)

UKRAINE: Alexander Ovdienko (Harmonica Player)

USA: Richard Phillips (Producer), Michael Gaffney (Sound Engineer/Producer), Jen Phipps (Guitarist/Bassist), Emeterio Draven III (Guitarist/Keyboardist/Bassist/Drummer), Ignacy Gaydamovich (Cellist), Doug Davis (Vocalist), Yukiko Matsuyama (Japanese Koto Player), Tyler Nail (Banjoist/Vocalist), R. Carlos Nakai (Native American Flutist), Radmilla Cody (Artist), Kozue Matsumoto (Japanese Koto, Shamsien, and Shinobue Player), Tommy Maher (Dobroist), Shih-Wei Wu (Taiko and Kagura Suzu Percussionist), Penny Larson (Drummer), Bobby Watson (Saxophonist), John McShane (Bag Pipes Player), Abigail Shelton (Fiddle Player/Violinist), Vera Herten (Drummer), Geoff Weber (Bassist/Keyboardist), Tito Puente Jr. (Percussionist), Nelson Gonzales (Tres Player), Leo Childs (Bassist), Chris Tarpley (Multi-instrumenatalist), Ricc Sheridan (Drummer), Fred Eltringham (Drummer), Mitsuru Sasaki (Japanese Shamisen Player),

VENEZUELA: Oscar Battaglini (Guitarist, Lute, and Cuatro Player)

ZIMBABWE: Patrick Chipoko


I am excited about opportunities to branch out musically with this special album of world music with different sounds + genres/styles. Also, I am singing, and speaking in other languages, including: Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, Polish, French, Hindi, and etc. There are also some that I’m not listing that I’ll surprise you with!


Also, excited about rapping, which I will share more about coming soon. We have a special Black tribute song, “COVID Cabana” and a Korean tribute song “You Show Me Who I Am” that I’ll be both singing + rapping on. So, stay tuned. . .


I also want to make sure to thank my special language coaches and song lyrics checkers (in different languages), who also happen to be friends of mine. They are working with me one-on-one via email, messenger, phone, and vid chats so I will be better understood in each language + hopefully have less of an American accent.

Although, Deny (French singer/songwriter/guitarist from Montreal) is quoted for telling me I “sound just like Phil Collins” with a cute English accent. I’ll sincerely take that as a compliment, though I hope to sound even more authentically French in the final recording.


Hans Rolf + Anna Berglund (“Plan Or No Plan (Plan Eller Ingen Plan)” – Swedish lyrics + pronunciation)

Deny Bay + Fabi Escamilla (“Let Us Unite” – French Lyrics + Pronunciation)

Vinita Singh (“Can’t Take Much More” – Hindi lyrics + pronunciation),

Wiktoria Mrozowicz (“Guide Me On” – Polish lyrics + pronunciation),

Marzia Pinna (“All I Can Do Now Is Pray” and “You Will Show Me How” – Italian lyrics)

Ana Perez (“Hola To Right Now And Welcome To Our Futuro,” “All I Can Do Now Is Pray” and “You Will Show Me How” – Spanish lyrics + pronunciation).

That’s all for now folks! Please keep checking back on my music site/blog for more NEW music updates, including more about BTV – Beyond The Virus, which is headed your way in December of 2020.

I will be posting more info and specifics about the 2 charitable non-profit organizations we will be supporting soon. There are some changes there I want to share to make sure you stay informed. . .

And, we are hoping to share more details about BTV on some of our other local radio stations. Special thanks to Rachel and her talented team at WAVE 879 radio for including us in an in depth and informative interview. You can catch up on the 3 sections of music interview recordings on this interview with Susan, by clicking here.


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