BTV – Beyond The Virus Interview With Heart To Heart Int.’l Charitable Non-Profit ORG

This is 3 part series of the BTV – Beyond The Virus interview by Susan B. B. Schabacker with Tracy Miller from Heart to Heart International.

Heart to Heart International is a US-based international charitable non-profit org, providing humanitarian aid + relief and healthcare support in crises to many needing support both on the home front and worldwide.

HHI is also responding rapidly in efforts to help others avoid + recover + repair from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). They are working diligently and relentlessly to improve lives and make our world a healthier and happier place to live in.

Singer/songwriter/musician + Tea-lation! tea business owner, Susan B. B. Schabacker, and her talented + heartful team of creative collaborators are supporting Heart to Heart International + Love Out Loud through Susan’s 5th album, BTV – Beyond The Virus, of original world music, art, jewelry, and Tea-lation! teas.

Get connected with Heart to Heart International and like + follow their Facebook page.

Please stay in the loop on BTV – Beyond The Virus, with the world music album that will be released in December 2020 and like + follow her music Facebook page.


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