Susan BB’s 8th Album Flyin On to Support NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research) Flys on Extending Through 2022

With the recent passing of a strong prayer warrior friend and mother of two, who I dedicated a song to on my 7th album, Growing Seeds in Mama’s Garden of Love, (to support Salem Pregnancy) due to cancer that we will continue combatting together, I continue on. I also have another beloved friend and mentor who has shaped my spiritual journey who’s suffering from cancer. And, Gary Maverick’s beautiful wife, Debbie, is no longer with us (but in a better place) and I’m in the process of working on a special tribute song dedicated to her. 

Thankfully, there’s some good news to share about The Gary Maverick Band that I’ll relay to you later about the possibility of joining their band. BTW – they are currently in the search for a full-time lead guitarist to perform (and record with), so please message or email Gary if you’re interested. And when they fill the role of guitarist, they’ll consider adding another member of the band (namely and gratefully, me). Artimus Pyle (Lynard Skynard and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer) is still the eldest member and if I join their band, I’ll be the second youngest. 

But, back to my 8th album (Flyin On) in support of the NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research), which currently has 2 parts to categorize the different genres/styles. 

Flyin On (Susan BB’s 8th Album For NFCR)

Part 1: electronic/hip hop/rap 

Flyin On (Susan BB’s 8th Album For NFCR)

Part 2: pop rock/alternative rock/folk rock/blues rock

Hopefully you’re used to me being fashionably late, but I choose to view time a little differently and use it to our advantage. I agree there are times when release dates should be strictly adhered to, but in this particular case, it will be beneficial to us all to extend this 8th album to the end of 2022 to wrap up with. I view it as a win/win. 

There are more opportunities for collaborations with musical talent, teaming up on creative contributions, more exposure for cancer awareness and research, and more support for the NFCR to back these humanitarian efforts. Special thanks to all our talented and heartfull collaborators and contributors, who’ve committed to making this possible. Here’s an article in FW (Forsyth Woman) that goes in depth with the creative songwriting and shaping process and an article here on combining creative forces to combat cancer in NFCR’s blog.

And, FYI : This won’t be my full-time job this summer, as I do also have other important projects I must also attend to, including my tea business (Tea-lation), writing, and etc., but this is still an important part of my musical mission. 

Also, still working out the planning and specific logistics, but I’m also excited about the ideal opportunity (and hopefully dream come true) to collaborate with New Brunswick singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer, Sharief Hobley, and do some recording at his studio in NJ. Not sure of the exact time frame yet or specifics, but look forward to keeping you posted. . .

Certainly not trying to name drop to brag in any way, but just give him credit for his work and share some of the established artists he’s worked with, including: Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Kanye, and Rufus Wainwright, to name a few.

More on his music career and musical background?

Here is an article about Sharief’s showmanship performing Jimi Hendrix and Prince songs, Makin Waves Male Artist of the Year article, and an article about his Prince tribute. Also, here is his discography on and music bio on

That’s all for now folks, but please stay in touch and in the loop on my Facebook music page @SBBSMusic and thanks always for your support and encouragement for my musical mission.

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