Susan B. B. Schabacker is an Asian American soprano singer/songwriter/musician from the Piedmont Triad of NC and is also proud to be a true Christian believer. She hopes to share what’s in her deepest and innermost heart and soul with her pure passion for music – hopefully apparent in every word and in every note she sings and plays.


Susan is a natural born writer, who also works extremely hard on every word and hopes to write as many songs as possible and collaborate with the right songwriters on co-writing. She’s also an author of a children’s book (with many more to come, hopefully) and currently a writer for National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Forsyth Woman, and Forsyth Family. Susan’s song lyrics range from lighthearted to heavy hearted with universal and metaphoric themes many can relate to. She hopes to express – not just the general thoughts behind each song – but also the feelings and emotions that drive the song forward. There’s so much she wants to convey!


Vocally – sound and style wise – Susan’s voice has been compared with: Adele, Mazzy Star, Lea Salonga, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, The Cranberries, Rilo Kiley, and even Ani DiFranco.  She is still figuring out and finding her way with her influences and signature style, but is inspired by many in all genres/styles. She is exited about developing her own musical talent and aspiring to become a real and authentic artist!

More on Susan’s musical background. . . She has enjoyed singing in the choir at her church, taking vocal lessons all throughout college, and performing in musicals, like Oklahoma! and The Wizard of Oz. She also loved singing and acting the lead role of Kim in the Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance’s production of Miss Saigon. A song bird at heart, singing was her solace during her lonely school days, when she was a bit of a recluse. She remembers spending countless hours alone in her room singing along to songs on her CD player! She also always sang in the shower, bathtub, and car.

With plenty of performance experience up her sleeve, Susan’s first LIVE shows as a singer/songwriter/musician were as a lead singer for a 3 – and 5 – piece folk rock band. She enjoyed performing at various music venues throughout the Piedmont Triad, of NC. Susan has been performing basically her whole life (for audiences both big and small – human and stuffed animal) and also loves the process (and final product) of recording! And, whether it’s just one person, one hundred, one thousand, or more, Susan will give each audience member her all.


Susan composes her original songs – usually accompanied by acoustic guitar, ukulele, and keyboard. When she’s not accompanying her vocals with one of these instruments, you will find her rocking it out on the drums. She is happy and proud to be a chick with sticks (usually 5As). For drumming, rock is her favorite style, though she is also open to many other genres/styles. Every single day, Susan looks forward to practicing drums and working on her music. She know the importance of hard work and is not slacking off – even for one moment – along her journey to becoming an artist!


She is currently working hard (full-time) on her third, upcoming album (Beyond The Virus) about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that she dedicates to all those affected by the virus. She hopes to uplift and inspire others through her original music during these tough times, as well as support their lives. The diverse variety of original songs with a world music genre/style ranges from the deep, profound, and moving to the lighthearted, humorous, and comedic. Susan is grateful and excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with with talented and dedicated local, as well as international musical folks (representing over 23 countries, including our own beloved USA). She is thankful to God for enabling all of these opportunities and is happy to be able to help others with her original music. Much of the proceeds from Beyond The Virus will go to supporting many of those who have been devastated by the evil virus – to 2 charitable non-profit organizations (1 local and 1 international). Please click here to read more details on who she and her collaborators will be supporting.

Susan is a humble and heartful person. She aims to inspire as she aspires. She wants to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives, uplift spirits, put smiles on faces and in hearts, sometimes make people laugh, and offer hope for now and the future! She loves the fact that music brings us together and hopes to do just that, realizing how much better off we all are if we set aside our differences and disagreements and unite as one people! She also hopes and realizes it is her mission to bring others to God and help them understand + experience the gift Jesus brought us + God’s unconditional love for each one of us. She feels led, inspired, and called to team up with the right true believers and branch into Christian music. Thankfully, God has lighted the right path for her to follow and all she need do is have the faith and the follow through. This is what Susan firmly believes!

She also believes there is good music in every genre/style, just like there are good people of every color and type. “Music has the power to unite us and helps us  see and understand what’s real and true and genuine. Music authentically enables us to relate to one an other, as well as express exactly we go through inside, which is all too often hidden from view or just swept under the rug (often emerging in negative ways later). It’s not just something we hear and see, but feel and know. My music, your music, and our music lives on through us and in us, and no matter how much the landscape changes (title of her first album) and our world evolves, there will always be a need for good music! So, I look forward to sharing my music with you with my full heart and whole soul; with everything God has given me to work with. I feel honored to share my music with you and am always honored if you appreciate it.” Susan B. B. Schabacker

Thanks for staying tuned and in the loop (musical puns intended) and for your support and encouragement.







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