BTV – Beyond The Virus

Charitable Contributions + Creative Collaborations

Recording in progress! Susan’s 5th album of world music about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), titled BTV – Beyond The Virus is currently underway. She is proudly, creatively collaborating with talented + dedicated, local + international musical collaborators, representing over 25 different countries worldwide – from A (Austria) all the way to Z (Zimbabwe) and many others in between. Some of these musical talent are Grammy award winners + nominees. She values each one and is grateful for the opportunity to team up to help people, make this world a better place, and share her original music!

Q: So, what is this project all about in a nutshell?

A: Please click here to read this blog article for more info about BTV.

BTW -This is not just an album of original world music, but a gift that generously gives back, by supporting the lives of many who have been devastated by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Much of the album proceeds will support 2 special charitable non-profits (1 local + 1 international), who are committed to helping others’ lives, especially in recovering and repairing from coronavirus.

This special full-length album includes a wide variety of deep, profound, and moving spiritual songs of a serious nature (e.g. “God On Our Side” and “For Us”) – as well as lighthearted, funny, and comedic parody songs (e.g. “Hairy” and “Culprit and Criminal COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that I pray + hope lift peoples’ spirits, bring smiles to their faces, lighten their lives with laughter, and offer them hope for now and the future!

“We would include a special song to tribute everyone from the entire world, but that would be too many songs for one album. So, we’ve selected groups of people on the homefront and worldwide to represent in each song,” explains Susan.

She is also grateful to branch out musically with multiple styles + also singing in different languages and rapping. Some languages included are: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and German.

BTV will be released in December of 2020, just in time for Christmas (and we sincerely hope BTV will be at the top of your wish list and you’ll give it as gifts). We pray you will embrace the opportunity to give gifts that give back. Without your help, it would not be possible to help others at all.

We are truly and tremendously grateful to each and every one you for all your encouragement and support! Please stay tuned for more BTV updates, coming soon. Click here to listen to Susan’s interview with WAVE 879 radio station and keep your eyes + ears open for more upcoming in depth + informative interviews.


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