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Charitable Contributions + Creative Collaborations

Our local + international team of musical collaborators and I are currently working hard on recording my 5th album of original world music, titled BTV – Beyond The Virus, about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that includes a wide variety of deep, profound, and moving spiritual songs of a serious nature (e.g. “God On Our Side” and “For Us”) – as well as lighthearted, funny, and comedic parody songs (e.g. “Hairy” and “Culprit and Criminal COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that we sincerely pray + hope lift spirits, bring smiles to faces, lighten lives with laughter, and offer hope for both now and the future!

In a nutshell, we are focusing on 2 main objectives: 1) charitable contributions 2) creative collaborations.

We are sharing this special original world music to unite people, bring the world together (no matter how different we may be), and help people in need, who have been hit particularly hard by this evil virus that I rap about and refer to as “Culprit And Criminal COVID-19 (Cornavirus)” that we all hate and are ready to be rid of. “Dat Darn Villain (Coronavirus) Will Never Last,” as I sing + rap in my black tribute song, representing African Americans.

Q: Where will our album proceeds go?

A: The majority of our album sales will go to supporting 2 charitable non-profit organizations (1 local and 1 international). We are proud to support many lives both locally + globally, providing them with COVID-19 humanitarian relief + aid.

So key + vital to this whole BTV project + creative process are our musical collaborators, who are currently over 60 and from over 25 different countries.

Q: Who are we?

A: We are a local and international team of musical talent from all around the world, with many from our beloved country, the US of A. I am grateful and excited to have such talented + dedicated musicians + vocalists from over 25 different countries from A (Austria) all the way to Z (Zimbabwe), including (but just a short list): Panama, Nigeria, Austria, France, Italy, Ecquador, Chile, India, Zimbabwe, Kherson (Ukraine), and etc – with even more new collaborations still emerging. They are contributing their talent + time to helping others, and I am so proud of each of them.

They are all truly heartful humans who are donating their creative talents to making it possible to support others’ lives! I will be sharing more about each of their unique musical gifts and music in upcoming blog articles and hope you will join us in helping support them + their music!

Also, just so know, none of us involved are in this for the $ or to selfishly solely promote our music. None of our creative collaborators are being paid because it is to support a good cause and humanitarian effort, and much of the proceeds from our album will go to improving many lives – devastated and destroyed by the virus. Even our most notable + professional Grammy award winners + nominees are offering their musical recording services to help, free of charge.

“Years and decades later – even generations from now – we will all look back on what we did together musically and feel good about making a positive difference. We came together for a greater purpose and will be greater because of this. And, just think of all the people we can reach together and move with our original music and all the lives we can support- if we can support each other and team up on this!!! As you know, the more people we reach, potentially the more albums we will sell, and – in turn- the more lives we will help support. So, together, “Let Us Unite” (an original song on BTV) and make this world a better place for all!” shares Susan passionately.

BTV will officially be released in December, but she hopes to have the album available for pre-order, also. This is an ideal time for gift giving and we hope BTV will be at the top of your wishlist also a special gift you give your loved ones!

More details on BTV and Susan’s other creative endeavors are in the works and headed your way right away. Plenty is planned (new original songs by Susan + her collaborators – including furry featured artist (My Lil Fur Baby Hammy) to keep you listening, so keep lending your ears and attention.

In the meantime, y’all. . . Please, please, please help us by sharing with others about this important original world music gift that gives back!

Q: How to help?

A: Simply share this blog post or other blog articles from Susan’s music site/blog via your social media (which we know you are probably on right now – guilty lol), on your site/blog, and via word of mouth. We greatly + truly appreciate your support + encouragement!

Don’t want to ever leave you hanging (a pet peeve of mine that I may include in a song) so if you want to get in touch you’ll always have a way to. You can contact me or email me ( anytime!


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