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BTV – Beyond The Virus, my 5th album, though it includes my original music and I have worked hard on putting everything together is not all about me and selfishly promoting my music. Susan truly believes God has made this all possible and is overseeing every single detail. He speaks through her songs with a positive message of hope + faith to uplift spirits and inspire from within. And, she is grateful to have an ideal opportunity to share her God given creative gifts with local + global collaborations way to support many lives, who have been devastated by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

“Let Us Unite” (our French tribute song on BTV), as we all do our best to “Avoid Coronavirus” (one of my songs) and recover + repair from COVID-19.

I have selected 2 charitable non-profit organizations (1 local: Love Out Loud + 1 international: Heart To Heart International), who are impactfully helping others with humanitarian aid + relief from coronavirus.

Love Out Loud is an organization that works to transform the community with the love of Jesus by connecting and mobilizing its people and resources. They work closely in partnership with about 250 nonprofit organizations and over 100 faith-groups to connect individuals to work in their areas of passion and create alignment towards responding to the needs of the community and the callings of people’s hearts.

They partnered locally with a number of local organizations addressing urgent needs and gaps throughout with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are doing their utmost to align great work to make our community a better, safer, healthier, and happier place to live.

You can find out more about Love Out Loud in this interview with Partnership Director, divided into 3 parts and stay connected with them on their website, volunteer engagement platform (BASE – and Facebook page. Their partnerships are making local headlines with their humanitarian efforts to help out.

Heart to Heart International is a US-based international charitable non-profit org, providing humanitarian aid + relief and healthcare support in crises to many needing support both on the home front and worldwide.

HHI is also responding rapidly in efforts to help others avoid + recover + repair from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). They are working diligently and relentlessly to improve lives and make our world a healthier and happier place to live in.

Click here to read this article on about HHI providing COVID-19 testing for people in marginalized communities.

You can find out more about Heart to Heart International and stay connected with them on their website and Facebook page. We will share the interview with H2H soon.

“This is not just another album of music that we’re releasing just to make money and promote our work. The need is great, and we have important, impactful, + inspiring messages of hope + faith to share through our original creative , original world music and are intent on helping others’ lives improve from coronavirus with these humanitarian efforts.

I am proud of each of our creative collaborators, who are generously dedicating + donating their musical talents into making it possible to support others lives, both locally + worldwide.

However different and far away we may be, we are “Together In Spirit,” and our God is “For Us,” so “Let Us Unite” to make this world a better place (as the song titles in BTV suggest)! ”

Susan B. B. Schabacker



Singer + Songwriter + Musician + Believer

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